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On NG again!

2014-09-05 04:59:40 by SeeD419

Back for...who knows how long.

Man I miss how this place used to be back in the good old days :(

I should probably not leave my main news post up bashing the redesign. I guess it's alright after using it for some time now.

I don't really fancy the new level icons much, and I still honestly do miss the old 07 design, but I've come to terms with it.

Other than that I really don't have any "news". I've been working on an NG Portal-monitoring client called PortalWatch lately, but it's still very alpha at the moment. Definitely a couple bugs that bother me that need to be worked out before the official release but I really think the community will like it and be able to utilize it as a useful tool for B/P. I'll be posting more information about this in the future after a couple kinks are worked out.

The Redesign Sucks.

2012-05-30 19:44:04 by SeeD419

I don't know how I can put it any nicer. Personally, I think with each additional redesign Newgrounds has gotten more flashy and commercialized and less & less about the core values it was built upon. Unfortunately, that's just the way some things evolve but I'm still entitled to my opinion in the matter.

Regardless, this post is going to serve as a placeholder that basically says, "I'm done for now".

I may occasionally post sometimes to catch up with old friends, but unless the site miraculously reverts to the way it used to be, I probably won't be around much.

Old Newgrounds stuff

2010-10-01 06:47:28 by SeeD419


I guess that makes this old stat collage rather irrelevant now, because I'm ahead of my old stats FINALLY. I plan on making a new news post now that I've reached my goals for stats, (well, my first set of goals) so expect something new here sometime in the near future.

Old Newgrounds stuff


2010-09-21 07:08:38 by SeeD419


Todays News

2008-10-07 04:42:46 by SeeD419

this week the seed decides to use newgrounds again. that is all. thank you.